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Uri Aviv
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Neogeek. Cultural entrepreneur. My interests and projects are at the intersection of science, culture, society and the future

Executive Director, UTOPIA | Tel-Aviv International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film

NeoGeek | Cultural Entrepreneur

At UTOPIA, Israel's international festival for science, imagination and the future, I merge a film festival with science & technology, literature, comics and design programs, alongside satellite events such as a games development, animation and an un-conference about the Technological singularity. I'm fascinated by the inspirational relationship between science & technology and culture & society. I'm also highly interested in the communication of science and philosophy through speculative and science fiction and the social and political challenges that technological breakthroughs entail. I organize science communication events, science and cultural programs and singularity-oriented projects. I integrate different cultural disciplines in my projects: film, literature, comics, design, gaming, web art and geek culture among them.

Business Sector: Media, Entertainment & Leisure , Entertainment
Looking For: Business Partners, Career Opportunities
Uri Aviv @ re:publica 2014
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Uri Aviv | Ignite @ Google Campus
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Utopia 2013
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The Great Laboratory
Wed. September 17th 2014
2:00PM - 3:00PM
Building 6
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