DLD Tel Aviv 2013
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Tuesday, 15:50-16:00
Building No. 6
Food Tech Hub in Israel

Ofra Strauss

Chairperson , Strauss Group

Ofra Strauss

Chairperson of the Board, Strauss Group

Ofra Strauss is the Chairperson of the Board (since 2001) of Strauss Group - a multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Israel. The Group is comprised of five core business units: Strauss Israel (the second largest food and beverage company in Israel), Strauss Coffee, Strauss North America (Sabra Dipping Company joint venture with PepsiCo), chocolate chain Max Brenner and Strauss Water.

The company operates in 17 countries and employs 14,000 people globally in partnerships with global leaders. In 2012, the group had a net revenue of over 2 billion $ in turnover with 51% generated by international activities.


Ms. Strauss is dedicated to the promotion of social issues and has spent many years actively doing so; Ms. Strauss initiated the launch of Catalyst based census in Israel and is President of Jasmine, a non-profit organization for promoting Jewish and Arab women who own small businesses. Ms. Strauss also serves as the Chairperson of Ma’ala, Israel's leading membership based organization promoting corporate responsibility. In addition, Ms. Strauss was recently appointed Chairperson of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce.

Since 2003 Ms. Strauss has been ranked between 42nd and 47th in Fortune’s List of the Most Powerful Women in Global Business.  In 2009 the Financial Times ranked Ms. Strauss 12th in its list of the world’s most influential women business leaders, and in 2010 she was ranked 16th.